How To Be My LendMe Friend

Directions on How to be my "LendMe" Friend:

To Share books using the "LendMe" feature without having to be "Nook Friends":
Please send me a message through the "B&N's Book Club Messaging" asking to be my "LendMe" friend.  Please do not send me an email from my profile page, sending a message through the "B&N Book Club Messaging" will give me your "pen name". 

I would like to have your "pen name" so I know who I am sharing books with in the "B&N Book Club Community".  I want to make sure I am responding to your request and/or questions, I do not want anyone to think I am ignoring them, lol.

If you would like to borrow a book from me:
Please send me a message through "B&N's Community Messaging" (so I make sure I have the right "pen name" for communicating) with the title of the book you would like to borrow and the email address that you use with your B&N account, that will be how I send your book.

For me to be able to see your library you MUST make me a friend in the B&N Book Club Community:
You have to make me a friend in the "B&N Community" or I will not be able to see your library. I mean come on, let's be fair, you get to see my library.  Sign into B&N, then click here to get to my "Book Club Profile". Now, on the right you should see "Contact", just below that click on "Add Pink_Maiden to Friends".

To make your profile private so that only your "LendMe Friends" can see your profile follow these directions:
Login to your "B&N Profile" at "".

In the tan bar at the top you will see "Your Pen Name : Logout . My Profile . Help". Click on "My Profile", then click on "Display & Privacy Settings".

In "Display & Privacy Settings" you will see the options "Display, General, Linear Layout, Topic Layout, Home Page, Privacy, Private Messenger & Kudos", click on "Privacy", then in "Profile Privacy" select "Friends Only".

If you make me a friend and you do not select "Public" or "Friends Only" for a viewing option I will not be able to view your bookshelf   I might want to see if you have a book I would like to borrow too ! By selecting "Friends Only" that will allow only people you make friends in the "B&N Community" able to view your profile and bookshelf.

This is how the "LendMe" feature works through B&N NOT using the "Nook Friend" feature. Sorry to be such a pain, but I really do not like the way B&N set up the "Nook Friend" feature and how personal the changes  were made.

I look forward to sharing with you!

How to get FREE Nook Books:
These directions will lead you to FREE Nook Books from Barnes & Noble.  I have been "elected" to maintain the "Free Nook Book Summary Thread".  On this thread you will find Nook Books that are FREE for a limited time, and a list of Nook Books that stay FREE. Click here to get to that thread.

Once you get to the thread the best way to view it is to click on "Thread Options" and then "View Messages Newest to Oldest".  That way the most recent FREE books will be listed first. Once you get to that thread you will see the most recent books that have been offered, then scroll down a little bit and you will see the most recent list of "limited time freebies".  Scroll down a little bit further and you will see a HUGE list of books for FREE listed by publisher A-Z.

I have a HUGE selection of "LendMe Nook Books", so have a peek at my Library and check out a book!

Would you like to borrow a book?
Just ask!  Click on the fairy below
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