Sticky Note:

The books that are in my "Next to Read" list were given to me by the authors themselves to read and review. Some of the books were given to me through coupons from Smashwords Facebook page or a "Free Friday" giveaway. I plan on reading and reviewing each and every book that was generously given to me. I have been fair in listing them in order that they were received and plan on reading them in that order, again to be fair.

I may on occasion "bump" someone on the list so I can read a genre that is my preference. I mean, come on guys I want to read one that I pick out every now and then :) When I do this I will note what book is being bumped and will then resume the original reading order.

Okay, I have to say I am not a writer, my writing skills and grammar are atrocious! If I can find errors in your writing then it has to be bad.

I am a real stickler for typos, there is no excuse for a book to be FULL of stupid mistakes. I can understand that a few errors might slip through the cracks, but when a book is full of them it really takes away from the story for me. I mean come on, how hard is it to hit F7? Or to just proof-read for that matter. 

Even if you are self publishing, have a friend or someone look it over before you actually publish it. To me there is nothing more frustrating than to try to read a book that is full of typos, formatting issues and bad grammar. To me it shows that the author probably for one, rushed to get their book published and/or two, didn't care enough to double check their work. Show pride in your work, check, check and check it again.

So please, again, if you have a story you want me to read -- PROOF-READ IT FIRST -- or I won't be reading it. There is a lot of good work out there waiting for recognition and I feel they deserve the spot-light, not shoddy writing.

Thank you

Happy Reading!



  1. I have two Ebooks 'A Shadow from the Past' & 'A Gift from Heaven' published by Smashwords & which have already been distributed to major Ebook sites.I would like to request you to go through my books and post reviews on them & help me promote my work. Thanking you,
    Sharmila Dey(Author)

  2. I'm so glad that someone is demanding proofreading - said the ex-English teacher. My five books are clean (although I bet someone will find a typo in one of them - one of my former students found a misnamed character, so that I was able to correct the error and republish the book), so I'd be grateful if another reader ever found ANY typo in ANY of my books!

  3. Yes Paul, I can't stand a book full of them. I mean a few typos are bound to happen, but when a book is full of them, I put my foot down. I refuse to read any book that has not been at the very least, proof read by the author. Like I said above, is it that hard to at least hit F7?