I decided to post a new page "What the Frick"? This will be posts on things that really get my goat in life.

Barking Dogs

I am sitting here working on a post for the "Free NookBook Summary Thread" for Barnes & Noble (I maintain that thread). I'm listening to my neighbor's dogs barking and barking and barking. I mean, come on, you can't tell me that you can't hear your 3 huge "Fricking" dogs barking. They have a Lab, a St. Bernard and a Shepard type dog. They just bark and bark and bark the entire time they are outside. You can't walk down the street without these dogs barking in your face. I can't get out of my car without them barking at me. What ever happened to common courtesy? Don't people have manners anymore? How rude!

Then there is another neighbor who just got a puppy, (oh joy), and it's outside barking and barking.  I know they can hear this.  What a great way to train a puppy, just ignore it's barking.  Grab the little bugger and fuss at him for barking.  Would you let your child just stand outside and scream?

I have 2 dogs of my own. When they go outside, if they start barking, I bring them in immediately at the first bark and fuss at them for barking.  I believe in being a good neighbor as I don't want to disturb my neighbors.

Then there is my neighbor that lives right next door, he has 2 boxers.  I can't go outside without them barking at me.  When I am pulling weeds up against the fence one of the daggone dogs is right in my face barking at me.  She is pouncing at the dirt so hard she is spraying my face with dirt, dust and spittle.  Well, last year I got tired of that and decided to grab the hose.  Once she started barking at me, I sprayed her with the hose.  She stopped immediately! Now when I go outside I just carry the hose with me and if she starts barking I just hold up the hose like I'm going to spray it and she stops before my hand can touch the nozzle.  I told my neighbor I did this, and he just giggled and said go for it.  He is a young guy with a couple of room mates and a pretty decent neighbor.


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Learn How To Drive

Today we are going to learn the definition of "MERGE":
[ intrans. ] blend or fade gradually into something else so as to become indistinguishable from it : he crouched low and endeavored to merge into the darkness of the forest.
[ trans. ] cause to blend or fade into something else in such a way.
Now does that sound difficult? No, it's not, or at least it shouldn't be. So WTF is wrong with people, why do they always hit their brakes on the exit when "MERGING" onto the highway?

You can't jump into traffic doing 30mph or from a stopped position! It does not say "YIELD"! "YIELD" looks nothing like "MERGE", so let's check the definition for "YIELD" shall we:
give right of way to other traffic.
No, that sounds nothing like the definition of "MERGE" now does it? So WTF PEOPLE!! And then you wonder why the traffic gets backed-up! It's because of YOU!

When 5 out of 10 cars "MERGING" onto the highway are going 25-30mph and hitting their brakes, it slows the line down! Then we have trouble jumping into traffic that is going 60-70mph.

This is where the "ACCIDENT" comes in. "I don't know what happened officer, I was just merging onto the highway and the other car didn't "YIELD". WTF!! The other car wasn't supposed to "YIELD", YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO "MERGE"!!

So the next time you are on an exit and are getting ready to "MERGE" into traffic, try to remember what the definition of "MERGE" is and we can all "MERGE" onto the highway safely and effectively!

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Tech Support from Copia Books

Today I would like to tell you about my experience with Copia Books.  On July 6, 2011 I "purchased" (they were freebies) two books, after I purchased them I opened my Copia ereading program to download the books.  The ebooks would not download so I emailed Copia's tech support department to explain my situation and to let them know that the 2 books were having problems downloading.

On July 6, 2011 they emailed me telling me to sync my account so the book would appear in my account.  Really? DUH!  Like I wouldn't have tried that as a 1st attempt?

I emailed them again on July 7, 2011 to let them know that I did try their suggestion before I emailed them with the issue I was having.  I also included any and all error information I was receiving from my attempt to download these 2 books.

A little bit of time went by and I had not heard anything from Copia so I emailed them again on July 20, 2011 explaining that I was still having the problem and was waiting for a response from tech support to fix the issue.

More time went by with still no response from Copia so I emailed them again on August 25, 2011 again letting them know that I still have not heard from anyone concerning my issue that I originally emailed back on July 7, 2011.

Now it is September 1, 2011 and I still have had no response from Copia or their tech department.  So I emailed them AGAIN, to explain the situation and to let them know that I STILL have not received a response from ANYONE!

September 5, 2011 I email them again telling them that I was STILL waiting for a response from my original email from July 7, 2011 and would someone PLEASE answer my question.

Okay, so it's now September 8, 2011 and I am now telling them that if they refuse to answer my question and help me with the issue I was having downloading these 2 books I would tell anyone and everyone of the lack of response and respect I was NOT receiving from Copia and their tech department.  So I am warning everyone that if you have an issue with Copia books, do not expect to get your question answered or your issue resolved.  I can't believe how RUDE some companies are.  WTF?  I just wanted to know what was wrong with the 2 books I was trying to download out of my account.  Is that so FUCKING hard to answer?

So congratulations Copia Books, you have now become a topic on my WTF blog page!