Just a note

I just wanted to let those that have been waiting for me to read and review their books, (the people in the "next to be read pile"), that they are going to have to wait just a little bit longer for their stories to be read.

Please let me explain why your reviews are being delayed.  I started a Facebook page called "Pinky's Pub" for fellow Smashers to post information, links & videos about their books.  I had to get 25 likes for the page before I could activate certain parts of the page.  As a huge "Thank You" to those that helped me get the 25 needed likes, I bumped them up on the list of the "next to be read pile" of books and posts for their books on my blog.

Please remember that I am doing this for YOU fellow Smashers, I am not an author and have nothing to gain by creating the "Pinky's Pub" Facebook page.  I have downloaded numerous FREE books from Smashwords and just wanted to do something nice for everyone in return for all of the wonderful books I have received.

So please be patient and know that I WILL be reading your work and will leave a review at any location/s you choose. I PROMISE, and I do not break my promises, just ask my children. This was just my way of saying "Thank You" for their help in getting the "Pinky's Pub" Facebook page up and running!