Friday, November 11, 2011

Atlantis by Lisa Graves

We have another wonderful story for you today, this one is in the YA/Romance genre. We have the "Atlantis" series by Lisa Graves. "Atlantis" book 1, by Lisa Graves, is available at Smashwords, (click here, multiple formats). We also have the NEWLY RELEASED "Stonehenge", the second story in the "Atlantis" series, also by Lisa Graves. Stay tuned to see how you can get "Atlantis" book 1 in the series by Lisa Graves for FREE at Smashwords for everyone viewing this blog! It's nice to see a romance story for the YA group, let's take a peek.

By Lisa Graves

Elliott is a mystery. For Lilly, he is an obsession.

No matter what she does, Lilly can’t figure Elliott out. From the time Elliott moves in next door, Lilly can sense he is hiding something. For reasons unbeknownst to Lilly, Elliott avoids being seen with her. Whenever anyone else comes into the picture, Elliott randomly disappears. 

And Lilly is confused. Elliott is like a magnet. Lilly finds herself attracted to him in a way she can’t explain. It’s like she’s known him forever even though they just met.

When answers start to be revealed, will Lilly be able to handle the reality of her world changing forever?

Doesn't that sounds like a mysterious read? Grab this one for your teen or young adult in your life. You can find "Atlantis", book 1 at Smashwords (click here, multiple formats) for FREE. It would even be a great story to slip on that ereader you got for a special someone for the holidays. I have a feeling even the Mom's might like this one! That's right, Lisa Graves has been kind enough to offer us "Atlantis" for FREE at Smashwords using coupon code - MF76D.

Now the story continues with "Stonehenge", book 2 in the "Atlantis" series by Lisa Graves, also available at Smashwords, (click here, multiple formats), which has just been released! Find out what comes next in the story of Lilly & Elliott in "Stonehenge", book 2 from the "Atlantis" series. So let's see what "Stonehenge" holds for Lilly & Elliott.

Stonehenge picks up where Atlantis leaves off and follows Lilly even further down the rabbit hole of her mind.

Lilly has it all. A tall, dark and handsome boyfriend, Elliott, a blond best friend, Nicholas, and a mind that has recently been opened to a new and exciting world. Her life is perfect.

When Lilly starts having flashbacks of a past life even Elliott can't remember, and they affect her ability to project, will Elliott and Lilly's relationship survive when she can't be with him?

Or will Nicholas's constant advances finally sweep Lilly off her feet and win over her heart?

Sounds like a great love story, doesn't it? Well you can find out, grab the newly released "Stonehenge", book 2 of the "Atlantis" series by Lisa Graves, available at Smashwords (click here, multiple formats).

You can find out more information about the "Atlantis" series by Lisa Graves and her writings on her website, (click here). You can also check out Lisa Graves on her Facebook page (click here).

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Atlantis - FREE - MF76D

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