Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 5 of Blog Tour de Force Masquerade

The Blog Tour de Force is winding down, we are on day 5 now. Are we loving getting all of these fantastic books for FREE or what? And how fun has it been trying to guess who has been hiding behind the masks? And how about all of the great goodie bags? Wow! Okay, so today we have "Change of Heart" by Jackie Chanel & "First Chosen" by M. Todd Gallowglass. Let's take a look!

First up we have "Change of Heart" by Jackie Chanel. This is a story of a woman looking for unconditional and everlasting love. She has three men vying for her attention - three? And where's the problem? I'd be happy with one man "vying" for my attention. Make sure you leave a comment to get "Change of Heart" by Jackie Chanel for FREE. And don't forget to make a guess at who is behind the mask!

Here is the book's description:
Millions of adoring fans...loving and devoted parents...fantastic friends...the world belongs to Asia Pierce, at least she thinks so.
There is only one thing that eludes the girl who has it all...unconditional and everlasting love. Asia wants what every woman wants, the fairytale. And Asia always gets what she wants.
With three men vying for her heart, Asia has a decision to make. Who can she trust? Which one will love her the most? The answer is right in front of her. But will years of bad judgement and one bad romance cloud her judgement? Will one more bad decision make her miss out on the best thing that has ever happened to her?
Change of Heart will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride as Asia's career and love life spiral out of control until she makes the decision that will change her life forever.

Next up we have another creepy for you! "First Chosen" by M. Todd Gallowglass and wow, this is a VERY creepy story. I just found out that M. Todd Gallowglass is a fellow Renn Fest'r. I really miss those days, men in Kilts, a windy day, I was an official Kilt inspector! Wow did I really just tell you that? Any how, where were we, see I got all flustered thinking about men in Kilts, oh yeah "First Chosen". This looks like one you will definitely need to have the lights on to read and might even go beyond VERY creepy! Let's take a look.

Here is the book's description:
First Chosen is the story of Julianna, a noble from the conquered kingdom of Koma. In her moment of greatest need, she frees an ancient god, Grandfather Shadow, from his thousand-year prison. In his "gratitude," the god names her his high priest and commands Julianna to lead his people to greatness once again. Unfortunately, it is a capital crime for any of Julianna's people to worship one of the five ancient gods - the punishment is not just execution but also the destruction of the soul. While evading Inquisitors of All Father Sun and the followers of the god of death, Julianna must learn to use the vast power that Grandfather Shadow has given her in order to survive long enough to unite Grandfather Shadow's fractured people.
And so begins, TEARS OF RAGE a dark, epic fantasy about the power of faith and belief, where even though the gods can inspire these qualities in mortals, it is those same mortals that truly control the religions that form from any god’s divine inspiration. It is also a swashbuckling tale of political intrigue where men scheme against each other and the gods, and how friendship, loyalty, and faith can help people persevere through the darkest times.
So what do you think? Super creepy right? You can pick up "First Chosen" by M. Todd Gallowglass for FREE, just by leaving a comment on his page. And don't forget to guess who is behind the mask for a chance at winning the Kindle!

Well don't these books sound like all heart and all heartbreak? You can get your hands on these fantastic books by checking out the "Blog Tour de Force Masquerade". Don't forget to guess who is behind the mask at each stop!

Here is the information:
October’s Masquerade is out to intrigue you with even more!
Two authors per day will hint, guest blog and otherwise disguise while you comment your best guess at their identity, score a FREE ebook and get a shot at a KINDLE and more!
These authors want to surprise readers so every commenter wins instantly with a FREE ebook. Plus, every author will have a unique giveaway!
AND, since our readers love the KINDLE prize so much, we're giving another one away! Every comment counts as an entry. Correct guesses count as extra!
To get your daily Masquerade reminder with links & extra Kindle entries, sign up for our newsletter! Click here for more information.

See if you can figure out who is behind the mask! Tune in tomorrow for more fun!


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