Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Ghost Murders by JT Lewis

Today I have for you a book in the "Mystery & Detective" genre. "The Ghost Murders" by JT Lewis looks like an interesting read, I love mystery detective stories. Let's take a look.

Here is the book's description:
Hunkered down behind the old farm house, his gun drawn, Gabriel Celtic was at a loss to explain everything he knew about this case.
They had just uncovered the true identity of Jasmine, the mastermind behind a string of recent murders, conceived by her and carried out by her hapless assistant, The Ghost.
No one could believe it was her!
Now they had her cornered, the last move of the weeks-long chess game she had imposed on Gabriel and the Major Crimes Taskforce that he headed. Her game had just played out though, and she was finally caught in check.
‘Capture or kill, it ends here’ he thought to himself as he quietly cocked the weapon in his hand. They were all in place, waiting for the scene to play itself out inside when they suddenly heard “I damn you to hell, Sheriff.”
Springing into action, Gabriel and his partner Frank slammed their shoulders through the door as guns blazed from every corner of the dark room inside.
Gabriel would only later realize that this moment would drastically change his life…forever.
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  1. I'm so excited that I got this book! I've had my eye on it for some time now.

    Thank you.