Monday, October 10, 2011

Treespeaker by Katie W. Stewart

Today I have a Magical Fantasy for you, "Treespeaker" by Katie W. Stewart, and you can get a FREE copy at Smashwords. Hang in there and I'll tell you how. I'm really excited to have a copy of this book, I had my eye on it and really wanted to get it. So let's have a look at "Treespeaker" by Katie W. Stewart.

Here is the book's description:
A Treespeaker is one with his forest, moving with its spirit, inseparably bound to it. 
His visions warn Jakan that a visitor to his tribe is not who he claims to be. As the villagers fall under the spell of the stranger’s mind-bending sorcery, Jakan grows desperate to be rid of him. Events take a sinister turn when he accuses the stranger of sacrilege — and it is Jakan, not the outsider, who is expelled from the forest.
Join Jakan on his perilous journey across a blighted land as he searches for the secret that will save his people — and himself. 
Treespeaker is suitable for all ages 12 and up.
That sounds mysterious, doesn't it? Right now you can get "Treespeaker" by Katie W. Stewart for FREE at Smashwords, (click here), using this coupon code - UB25D. This coupon code is good until October 23, 2011 at Smashwords. That gives you plenty of time to pick up "Treespeaker" by Katie W. Stewart, and please don't forget to leave her a review on Smashwords once you finished reading it.

You can find out more about Katie W. Stewart and "Treespeaker" on Katie's website (click here). You can also check her out on her blog, (click here), or you can check out the "Treespeaker" Facebook page, (click here).

Here are other locations you can find the

Smashwords - FREEUB25D