Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Voltar's Heart, Body and Soul by Beth Fullaway

Today we have a story by a NEW Smashwords author. "Vultar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate Part 1" by Beth Wright (click here, multiple formats). This is a story about, well, I'm not really sure what it's about. Just an FYI, I believe the description is an excerpt from the book, let's take a look.

Here is the book's description:
My life has always been normal. Well you know what i mean by normal; shopping, chatting on my cell, hanging out with family and friends, reading great books stuff like that. I am now an eighteen year old girl with a never ending supply of boredom. Nothing exciting or unusual has ever happened to me. That is until now. 
A strange noise was coming from the basement so someone had to go look. Of course it had to be me. No one else was at home at the time. I mean come on now, who would have ever guessed three men in weird costumes where going to be down there waiting for me? The only way in or out is from our kitchen, and I know for a fact they did not walk past me. I was reading a very good romance novel, while sitting at the table directly across from the basement door. So there is no way they could have walked through without me noticing. 
Now I am trapped in some kind of dungeon. At least, I think it's a dungeon. It could be jail and they just happen to have no power at the moment. If so, they really need to pass out blankets and buy some air fresheners at least. Plus these strange handcuffs are very annoying. I really wish I could remember how I got in here. The only thing I do remember is punching one of them in the face; serves him right for telling me to obey his every command. He did not have to knock me out cold; it's not like he really felt it.

Doesn't that sound mysterious? You can find "Voltar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate - Part 1" by Beth Wright at Smashwords (click here, multiple formats). And Beth Wright was very kind and gave us a coupon code (AU44P) to get "Voltar's Heart, Body and Soul Mate - Part 1" for FREE at Smashwords (click here, multiple formats). The coupon code is good until October. 14, 2011, and as always, once you finish reading don't forget to leave a review.

Beth Wright has just released Part 2 of "Voltar's Heart, Body and Soul" and it's ready for reading at Smashwords (click here, multiple formats). Let's take a look and see what's going on in Part 2 of "Voltar's Heart, Body and Soul".

Here is the book's description:
I wake up lying in a large, beautiful, flower filled meadow. The sun's bright rays dance over their petals, turning the colors even brighter than normal. A soft flowing sound comes to my ears from somewhere behind me. Turning I find the love of my life sitting beside the most impressive waterfall I have ever seen. It is fully adorned in long flowered vines. 
Setiana, it is time to wake up, Love. 
How is this possible? I hear his voice as if he is speaking out loud to me. That is impossible for his lips are not moving.  
He is not me, you are dreaming, Love. 
So, I am dreaming? But this is the most wonderful dream I have ever had. I slowly move my fingers over the baby's tiny hand. Please let me stay here. 
Please, Love, I am begging you. Come back to me. 
But then all will be lost. 
No, Love, nothing will be lost. You lose nothing coming back to me. 
Looking into the small blue eyes of our baby, I feel joy and peace. I will lose this gift if I wake up. 
Our child will not be gone. The young one will come to us in due time, I promise you this. 
My mind starts to tingle and ache.

To find out more about Beth Wright's work, check her out on Facebook (click here).

You can find "Voltar's Heart, Body and Soul" Part 1 & Part 2 by Beth Wright at Smashwords and Amazon.




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