Monday, May 23, 2011

Ancient Awakening

This looks like a very creepy book, it sounds like one you might want to read with the lights on. Mr. Laube was kind enough to let me have his book for free. It has been added to my list of books to read and review. Have a peek!

Book Description:
Hell comes home to Jersey.
Seven ancient demons known as the Fallen have awakened in New Jersey after a hundred years. Fortunately for Mike and Ann, so has the one man who can stop them, Joseph Miller. Trapped in a hospital filled with mythical monsters, only together can they unravel the mystery of the Cursed and escape with not only their lives but their very humanity. 
Ancient Awakening is a Horror/Action novel with just the right touch of comedy. It is the first book in the series "The Ancient" which follows the adventures of eccentric demon hunter Joseph Miller. His job is to defend the human race against seven mythical demons and their offspring. Unfortunately for us, he has been dead for the last hundred years. Ancient Awakening will be followed by Ancient Enemies in 2010 and Ancient Revelations in 2011 and is written by Matthew Bryan Laube. 
The second edition of Ancient Awakening is re-edited and re-cut for maximum monster hunter action. It includes a free preview chapter of Ancient Enemies.

Take a look at his website too, really creepy! Click here to get to his website.


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