Monday, May 16, 2011

Merlin's Daughters

Here is the books description:
Merlin's Daughters tells the Arthurian tale from the standpoint of Gwyneth, the Fairy Queen. Her evil twin, Guenevere, has stolen Excalibur. Gwyneth and Nimue venture into the Human Realm to protect Excalibur, and they become caught up in the drama of Arthur's court. The story also reveals how the Arthurian stories came to be told in so many variations – and why.
I LOVED this book. This is a true fantasy story. I loved the way the author tells the tale of two sisters born into sorcery. There is Gwyneth who is the Queen of the Fairy Realm. She is loving, kind and good, everything a Good Fairy should be. She loves and watches over her fairies.

On the other hand you have Guenevere, who is the true source of evil. She is jealous of her good sister and covets what she has. The evil Guenevere is determined to have Excalibur for herself.

The way the author blends the whole story together is amazing and her attention to detail is fantastic. You truly feel like you are there in the fairy lands. This would be a wonderful story to share with a young daughter. I would love for the author to write more fantasies like this one. Great job and thank you for such a wonderful story!


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