Saturday, May 7, 2011

Josie's Thorn by Lisa Vandiver

Here is the books description:

Josephina McCrea returns to her Utah family ranch after her parents are killed in a plane crash, and her brother is injured in a mountain climbing accident, leaving him in a coma. Upon arriving at the ranch, she is met with adversity in many forms. She finds herself allied with her teen age lover, Jacob Rainthorn. Secrets that each have may destroy their second chance at love.
I did not like this book at all.  I thought the story line was good and really liked the characters and the way they interacted.  I think the author is off to good start, but needs a lot more practice and F7. 

What really took away from the story for me were typos, there were just too many for the story to be enjoyable.  In quite a few areas there were words where there shouldn't have been and words missing where there should be.  The word "sale" was used numerous times when it should have been "sell".  And the word bests was used instead of best, I think a dictionary would have been helpful for this author.

There were also a couple of areas that felt like they were missing something, a paragraph or sentence.  I also felt like I was left hanging over one of the characters, we hear about him through out the story and then there was a build up about him and then it just ended for that character, there was nothing about how the story ended for him, he was just no longer discussed.  I thought that was weird. 

I feel that this author might do better with time, proof reading and a dictionary.


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