Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 4 of Menage a Blog

Day 4 of Menage a Blog. Are we having fun yet?  Today I'm featuring "Finding Kate Huntley" by Theresa Ragan.  We take a turn from fantasy now to a romance suspense thriller, and this really sounds like a great read.  I don't know about you, but I love a great thriller!  And again, you can get this ebook totally FREE just for leaving a commet on her page (here).

Finding Kate Huntley by Theresa Ragan: NOOK Book Cover

Here is the book's description:
During a vacation in the Caribbean, fifteen-year old Kate Huntley’s father, a prominent U.S. scientist, is murdered before her eyes. Kate’s attempt to save her father’s life proves futile. She is not brave and strong like her father said…she is a weakling. For the next ten years Kate grows up alone in Haiti, one of the most dangerous and poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere. Not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of her father. Kate pushes herself to become stronger, mentally and physically. Every day is a struggle for survival. And yet she lives for only one reason…revenge. 
While looking for a drug lord via satellite in Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital, Jack Coffey, rookie FBI agent, spots Kate Huntley. Jack is sent by the agency to find Ms. Huntley and bring her back to the States. They have many unanswered questions about her father’s death. A professional and responsible man, Jack is confused by Kate’s lack of cooperation. He wants to help her return to the States where he believes she’ll be safe, but she treats him like the enemy and refused to go. Everything about her is a contradiction. She looks fragile and innocent, but every time he turns around she’s putting another thug in his place. In the beginning Jack wonders if Kate’s distrust of his superiors is warranted or just simple paranoia. In the end, Jack realizes nothing is as it seems.
Now doesn't that sound like a great thrill ride?  And of course the fun doesn't end there, Ms. Ragan is also giving away a "survival kit".  Her survival kit includes:

A PRINT copy of "Return of the Rose"
(it’s a PROOF copy--the only book I have available in print!)
Assortment of Chocolates
A pink water bottle
Tiny lantern so you can read at night
Gift card for Starbucks
(every jungle has a Starbucks, I swear!)
Camouflage Bandaids
And a surprise gift, too!

If you leave a comment with the phrase "I found Kate Huntley" on her reviewer sites you get extra entries.  Not only that, but if you comment with the phrase on all 7 of her reviewer site you will get 7 extra entries for her "survival kit" & a chance to win a $20 Starbucks gift card!  How's that for fantastic!  So get moving and head on over to her site (here) to get started.

Enjoy and Happy Reading,


  1. What a pretty blog! Thank you for commenting on mine earlier today for Theresa Ragan.

  2. I was having an issue with my blog this morning and posted a "HELP' on here. Well, Ms. Theresa Ragan commented on that blog. I would like to post her comment here on her post.

    Theresa Ragan has left a new comment on your post "Blog issues":

    wow, Pinky! Thanks for mention Finding Kate Huntley on your darling website. Pinky's Pub. How cute is that!?

    And I wish I could help you with the scheduling blog problem. I use blogger too, and I have had some problems, but not THAT problem. :)

    Have a great day and thanks again for the great post and sending readers my way. I will be back to check out your website more thoroughly once I get these free books out! I am so slow.

    Thanks Ms. Ragan