Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Fourth Dimension by Kevin Domenic

 Today I would like to tell you about a series called "The Fourth Dimension" by Kevin Domenic. This is a fantasy series targeted towards Young Adults & Teens, but hey, don't we all have a little bit of kid in us.

A noble man is a dead man.
That was the philosophy of Kindel Thorus. It was an ideology ingrained into every fiber of his being. Men who followed the antiquated notions of chivalry and honor were relics of history, legends long since faded from a universe that no longer respected nor needed them. The rules had changed. Society had changed. Men had changed.
Life had changed.  

The Fourth Dimension is a sci-fi/fantasy book series that follows the journeys of a young man named Arus whose tragic disfigurement leads him to discover that even the harshest storms can be weathered by courage of the heart.
You can pick up the first in the series "Keys to the Stars" for FREE at Smashwords.  And he is running a special for 4th of July, you can get the second in his series "Alliance of Serpents" for FREE too!  Visit his blog to learn how!  Click here to find out more and to find out how to also get his third book in the series "Eye of the Tornado" for FREE!

So yes, you can get this fantastic collection totally FREE!

Cover for 'Key to the Stars' Cover for 'Alliance of Serpents' Cover for 'Eye of the Tornado'
    Key to the Stars    Alliance of Serpents   Eye of the Tornado

Happy Reading!

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