Thursday, July 14, 2011

Monster in the Mirror - With Bonus Short Stories by MJA Ware

Today we are going to feature "Monster in the Mirror" by MJA Ware.  Right now you can get it FREE at Smashwords.  Not only do you get the title "Monster in the Mirror" by this fabulous writer, but you also get two of his short stories.

Cover for 'Monster in the Mirror - With Bonus Short Stories'
Here is the book's description:
For a limited time, includes two free additional short stories.  That's three great short stories for the price of one (which right now is FREE). 
Monster in the Mirror:  Could there be a hidden room somewhere in your house? And just what would you find lurking there?  Nate, his little sister, and best buddy Dan, stumble upon a hidden room during a sleep-over. What they find inside is anything but friendly.
Includes the bonus short story:   Steven, Space Stowaway (originally published in the June issue of Spaceports & Spidersilk) -- When Steven's Mom leaves for a mission to Mars, he's determined to come along. Even if he has to sneak onboard.  Just one problem: he gets caught. And the Captain has a particularly unpleasant way of dealing with stowaways. 
Includes the bonus short story: Bloody Marcy -- When a game of Bloody Mary goes terribly wrong, someone might just die.
Don't forget Smashwords sale is still going on, there are a lot of great titles for FREE or discounted!

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