Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big Sister Babysitter

Today we have a book for children, it's called "Big Sister Babysitter" by Lysne Nolte. Her book is about a little girl and her acceptance of a new sibling on the way and her faith in her God. Let's have a look.

Here is the book's description:
LA is a typical nine-year-old who is used to being the sole spotlight in her parent's world. She records her every move, but a new sibling is not on LA's agenda. When learns where babies come from, it is comical and her reactions are spot on with how a young girl would react. When the pregnancy takes a scary turn, LA puts her faith in God and learns how strong her love is for her new sibling. 
There are only three things that I know for sure:

1. I want to be a famous singer and dancer

2. I trust God’s plans for me

3. Everything I have ever known is about to change
Exuberant fourth grader, Lake Ashley Payton (also known as LA) and her blended family live on a beautiful and peaceful island. One day LA is informed that her mother is going to have a baby. This life changing news rattles her world and she fears the worst. LA captures every moment to make a video diary and uses Bible verses to help her through the emotional struggles. She becomes curious and learns the process of a baby’s development and when her new sibling arrives, something happens that teaches her many lessons about being a big sister.
Right now you can get a copy of "Big Sister Babysitter" by Lysne Nolte for FREE at Smashwords. Lysne Nolte has offered us a coupon code (WQ53X) that is good until October 11, 2011. That gives you lots of time to get this great book.

Please don't forget how generous Lysne Nolte has been to give her book away for FREE, so make sure you leave a review for her book, I know she would greatly appreciate it! Below you can find links to ALL of the locations for Big Sister Babysitter.

Here are other locations you can get
Big Sister Babysitter - Kindle format

Big Sister Babysitter - Paperback format

Barnes & Noble:
Big Sister Babysitter - Nookbook format 

Big Sister Babysitter - Paperback format

Big Sister Babysitter - .PDF format
Big Sister Babysitter - Paperback format

Big Sister Babysitter - Multiple Formats
To find out more about "Big Sister Babysitter" by Lysne Nolte visit her website (click here).

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