Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cemetery Street by John Zunski

Next up we have a coming of age novel, "Cemetery Street" by John Zunski. In a world where dreams are possible and nightmares come true, can you romance a memory? James Morrison thinks so. Laugh, cry and blush with James as he recounts a late 20th century American life. Let's have a look.

Here is the book's description:
“In a world of presumptuous people, irony is alive and well,” concludes James Morrison, the narrator of this touching coming of age novel. A view Shannie Ortolan - James’s longtime friend, sometimes lover, and full-time obsession - wouldn’t argue. From their first encounter as teenagers until Shannie’s death, experience the twists, turns and enthralling characters that populate Cemetery Street.
On the cusp of the new millennium, James fulfills a promise. Reenacting a childhood ritual, he places a mud pie upon a grave. This simple act triggers powerful memories.
Meet the people that shaped James’s life. Shannie, who among other things, introduces him to the sport of dodging freight trains. Count, the cemetery caretaker's son, helps James navigate the minefields of adolescence until destiny is met in Desert Storm. Russell, an aging blind African-American, guards a horrifying secret behind a cloud of cigar smoke.
Diane, Shannie’s mother, a college professor dispels the notion of tweed jackets and elbow patches. Steve Lucas, a mortician’s son, who despite bizarre obsessions, stands by James during his most challenging times.
Laugh, cry, and blush as James recounts events of late twentieth century American life.
That sounds like an interesting read, doesn't it? Mr. Zunski has provided us with a coupon code (XZ89D) so you can get "Cemetery Street" at Smashwords (click here, available in multiple formats) for only .99¢.  The coupon code is good until December 31, 2011, so that gives you plenty of time to get his book, read it and leave a review :) happy

To learn more about John Zunski and his work you can visit his website (click here). You can also listen to John Zunski on "Author's First Radio" (click here), or you can check out his blog (click here).
Here are the locations you can purchase "Cemetery Street" by John Zunski, but remember that the coupon code is only for Smashwords.

Barnes & Noble
Diesel Books
iBooks (Apple)
Kobo (Apple)

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