Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hometown Day One by John Dee

Alright, today, we have several stories by John Dee. I have to tell you he is a bit of a character himself. We will start off with "Hometown Day One" by John Dee, which is available at Smashwords (click here) for FREE. The story is about a gentleman named Robert Porter as he tells the history of his hometown through his eyes.

Just to let you know, I am no where near as creative as John Dee. The descriptions came straight from Smashwords in John Dee's own words, lol Let's have a peek!

"Hometown Day One" by John Dee is FREE at Smashwords (click here)

The 'Good Ol Days' were better. In the words of Jeremiah "Hogwash; Sinners have always been sinners, Bigots have always been bigots and the Righteous have always been both.

❃ A hundred and fifty years of our hometown seen through the eyes of Robert Porter.

❃ A few words to live by thrown in for fun along with love, caring and hope.

❃ My only book without potty words, John Dee.

Next up we have part two of this continuing story, "Hometown Day Two" by John Dee. You can find "Hometown Day Two" by John Dee at Smashwords (click here) too! Come on, you know you want to see how the story continues, so let's have a look.

"Hometown Day Two" by John Dee is at Smashwords (click here) for only 99¢

If you enjoyed "Hometown Day One", then "Hometown Day Two" is going to be a blast.

Our couple is still under house arrest and Pa is still entertaining them with his homespun stories about the Thatchers and other folks here abouts.

In Day Two the kids will about everything from fishing to the mysterious 'IT'

These stories about love, life and living are for everyone.

Only got one Damn in this one, so I think I am going to go with a 'G' rating.

We have another story by John Dee, "The Weathermen" which has a slightly different twist. Well, you will just have to read it for yourself.

"The Weathermen" by John Dee is at Smashwords (click here) also, for only $4.99

On a secret base in the middle of Utah, Thompson and O'Brion along with 150 coworkers are building a tank.

Or so they think!

What they don't know just might get them killed.

Of course, when everyone in the government wants you dead; it's fun staying alive, if for no other reason than just to upset them.

There is just one question to ask yourself.

Are you faster than the speed of light?

We are!

With the exception of WANDA this book is gender free. Make the heroes and heroins male or female at your whim.

I told you he was a character! Now hold on tight for this one, it will really throw you for a loop. "Eat the Food, Drink the Water and Kiss Your Ass Good-bye Travel guide" By John Dee, I told you to hold on tight! I don't even know what to say other than "here is the description"?!?

❃   If you have never traveled before; This IS Your Book!
❃   If you are a seasoned traveler; This Is YOUR Book!
❃   If you travel at all; This Is Your BOOK!
❃   John Dee, international explorer and Guide shares some important how to's and some not too important stories about travel.
❃   Eat, Drink and party your way around the world with author John Dee.
❃   This book's rating will be around PG 16.
❃   Here is the breakdown.
❃   Description of sexual acts none.
❃   Vulgar slang due to lack of creative verbalization.
❃   S word 0 times
❃   F word 0 times, but a close call once.
❃   H word 1 time
❃   D word 6 times
❃   A word five times unless you count the cover.
❃   P word 0 times for either gender.
❃   C word 0 times for both genders.
❃   If you wish profanity; this book just ain't going to do it for you, If you enjoy laughs give it a shot. If you made it this far you may as well read the Damn book.
❃   D word 7 times

What can I say, the guy's a NUT! Check him out on his website (click here) for more fun. You can find this book and the rest of John Dee's collection at Smashwords and other locations.

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Hometown Day One - FREE
Hometown Day Two - 99¢
The Weathermen - $4.99
Eat the Food, Drink the Water and Kiss Your Ass Good-bye Travel guide - $1.99

Diesel Books:
The Weathermen - $4.99
Eat the Food, Drink the Water and Kiss Your Ass Good-bye Travel guide - $1.99

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Hometown Day One - FREE

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