Tuesday, September 6, 2011

They Prefer The Night...Prologue

Okay, I've got another creeper for you! Alright vampire lovers hold on to your hat, I've got a great book for you.  Because Ms. Brown was nice enough to "Like Me" on my FaceBook Page, to get it up and running, I'm bumping her to the top of the "next to read list".

What happens when your life is suddenly turned upside down because you find out your family has been changed to Vampires? Are they good? Are they bad? What do you do next? Find out as you follow Kate and Maeve on their journey that begins in 19th Century Ireland. Let's find out!

Here is the book's description:
They Prefer The Night; A Prologue is a Novelette about the O’Brien family History—a history that begins in Ireland many years in the past. In a time when Druids and Vampires lived together in harmony, and seeing a Faerie appear was nothing unusual.
Clan Danann as they were collectively called were different from other cultures of vampires. They did not have to hide in darkness and they were not affected by the sun in the same way vampires before them had been.
They lived many years in peace and harmony with little interference from humans or the world outside their clan. After some family members migrated to America, they decided to purchase land and prepare a place there, a place to protect the child they knew was coming to them some day.
They knew protecting this child would take an entire clan, and multiple generations, but they were determined to fulfill the prophecy no matter the cost.
This Prologue is an introduction to this family, this is a story about their strength and their sacrifice, but most of all their determination to protect the child, no matter what cost.
Well now, doesn't that just sound frightening! I think this will be one that you will need to read with the lights on. Hide your children, lock your doors and most of all, don't turn out the light!

Ms. Brown was nice enough to allow anyone following this blog to get a FREE copy of "They Prefer The Night - Prequel".  Here is the coupon code - XU48N - to use at Smashwords (click here - available in multiple formats) or you can purchase it for only .99¢ at Amazon (click here) so you will be ready for Dawn Brown's upcoming novel "They Prefer The Night" which is due out soon.

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