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Catho-Darlington by Sara Marie Hogg

Today we have four stories for you from Sara Marie Hogg. The first story is "Catho Darlington--Lessons Learned in the Space Age". This is a story about growing up in the rural heartland in the 1950's. That sounds like fun doesn't it, or does it? Let's have a look Sara Marie Hogg's work!

Cover for 'Catho Darlington--Lessons Learned in the Space Age'This is a novel written about growing up in the rural heartland in the 1950s. Catho Darlington is a typical but quirky little girl growing up in the Ozarks Mountains, CA. 1949-1962. The children of the tiny, isolated community of Calhoun have lives rich with adventure and creativity. Because of their isolation and lack of luxury they must invent their amusements using objects that are readily available. Catho goes from pigtails to pompadoured ponytail leaving a trail of heartwarming and humorous experiences. It is all done with a gusto that can only be fermented with sassafras tea and "acifidity" bags. If you grew up in the rural heartland in the 1950s, this is probably your story. Come, enjoy again, "life in the Space Age."

Since the eBook does not contain illustrations, Sara Marie has put them up on Facebook where "Catho Darlington--Lessons Learned in the Space Age", the book, has its own page (click here).

Doesn't that sound like a down-to-earth story? Well right now you can get "Catho Darlington--Lessons Learned in the Space Age" by Sara Marie Hogg for FREE. Yup, Sara Marie Hogg has given us a coupon code (XE42E) to get "Catho Darlington--Lessons Learned in the Space Age" for FREE at Smashwords (click here). Don't forget to leave Sara Marie Hogg a review for her story once you have finished reading it. So let's see what else Sara Marie Hogg has on her bookshelf.


"Multiple Exposures" by Sara Marie Hogg

Cover for 'Multiple Exposures'Multiple Exposures is Sara Marie's second volume of poetry, that was written since the publication of Dark Shadings, Spattered Light in 1990. It is filled with haunting words, dark imagery and occasional humor, it is most importantly from the heart. There are a few encore poems in this volume and many that have been honored with literary awards.

You can get "Multiple Exposures" by Sara Marie Hogg, a dark collection of poetry at Smashwords for only $1.99 (click here). "Multiple Exposures" has a "Parental Rating": This book contains content that may not be suitable for young readers 17 and under.


"Mumbledypeg, On Call" by Sara Marie Hogg

Cover for 'Mumbledypeg, On Call'Next we have an interactive story for young children. Mumbledypeg, On Call is a children’s book made to be read to children K-3. Senior citizen. Mrs. P.G. Mumbledypeg is called out of early retirement to help a young town ruffian, Dexter Cainbrake, get ready for an important meeting with the governor of the state.

The governor has created a children’s conference at the Governor’s Mansion with children from all over the state in attendance. Dexter was selected to go and there is no excuse that will get him out of it. When the town discovers the governor’s selection there is much hand-wringing. Is Dexter going to embarrass the whole town? Dexter, himself, knows this is a possibility so he decides to enlist the help of Mrs. Mumbledypeg as she is kind of a walking encyclopedia on many subjects.

Oh dear! Mrs. Mumbledypeg has only forty-eight hours to get Dexter ready for the big event. She enlists the help of her old friend Calysta, also known to the area children as Snaggletooth. What on earth will happen when they take Dexter into Snaggletooth’s cave-like home to give him a crash course in all things gentlemanly?

There are pauses in the story to do some fun and instructional activities such as survey-taking, graph making, polite tea parties, conversational techniques, and other delights. Mrs. Mumbledypeg has found it helpful to use George Washington’s Rules of Civility that he composed when he was a lad.

Children find Mumbledypeg, On Call funny and entertaining. The story is chock full of ideas that can add polish to personalities.

You can find "Mumbledypeg, On Call" by Sara Marie Hogg at Smashwords, (click here) for only $2.99. "Mumbledypeg, On Call" even has it's own Facebook page, (click here).


Next we have a collection of short stories, "Blade Chatter" by Sara Marie Hogg. There is a "Parental Rating" on this book: This book contains content that may not be suitable for young readers 17 and under.

"Blade Chatter" By Sara Marie Hogg

Cover for 'Blade Chatter'Blade Chatter, Twenty Four Stories of the Macabre is a volume of short fiction that includes such topics as geezers gone wild, alien life, strange medical conditions, phobias, alcoholic rants, creative bully removal, tainted, unrequited love and jealousy to the max--refreshing, as short story collections are not so common these days. Maybe reminiscent of Poe, Saki and Hitchcockian in tone.

You can grab "Blade Chatter" by Sara Marie Hogg at Smashwords, (click here),  for only $3.99. "Blade Chatter" also has it's own Facebook page you can check out, (click here), so you can keep up on all of the creepy fun!  This would be a fun book to get you in that Halloween mood!


Sara Marie Hogg is all over Facebook, here are the links she has associated with her work:

Sara Marie Hogg's Author page (click here)
Blade Chatter (click here)
Catho Darlington (click here)
Mumbledypeg, On Call (click here)


You can find Sara Marie Hogg's collection of stories at the following locations:

Catho Darlington - Paperback

Barnes & Noble:
Catho Darlington - Electronic Format
Catho Darlington - Paperback

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Catho Darlington - FREE (XE42E)


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