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Today we have a Science Fiction/Adventure for you, "Uncrossed Paths" and "The Light Rises" by Kelly Stanaway. "Uncrossed Paths" by, the Birthday Girl herself Kelly Stanaway, gives you background information for "The Light Rises". These stories look like they're going to be a wild ride! Years before they would be called upon to save the world, a baby girl was adopted by a master magician, a spy hunter found and lost the love of his life, a girl saved the one she cared about most from a demon, and a detective failed to save the one most important to him. Just your average day, right?

Cover for 'Uncrossed Paths'Many years before the events in "The Light Rises" the characters led very different lives. Elizabeth was born into a world that would not accept her. Alexander found his flower and wished never to let her go, though his duties caused him to lose her forever. Amelia and Enrico were two teenagers who found themselves at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and were brought into a world that would become their life. Keagan was an investigator who only wanted to stop a killer from striking again, only to lose his beloved twin to the killer, vowing to bring her back. This collection of short stories follows the lives of the characters from "The Light Rises", and how things were before they came together.

"Uncrossed Paths" gives some interesting background on the main characters of "The Light Rises", but can also stand as a mysterious introduction to the characters and setting. You can get "Uncrossed Paths" by Kelly Stanaway for FREE at Smashwords (click here).

So now "The Light Rises" by Kelly Stanaway comes into play, and it looks like that wild ride isn't over yet! On a warm August night in London 1890, a man holds his hand up to the sky and creates a blizzard. Now signs of the end times are everywhere, the Horsemen are taking the stage, and the Harlot Queen rides her Beast through London to fill the ranks of hell’s army. In the end it will be up to the strength of few to try and prove that humanity has a right to exist. Doesn't that sound exciting! Let's take a look!

Cover for 'The Light Rises'1890’s London was a time when magic was everywhere and steam mixed with the fog in the sky, and it was a world Detective Keagen Gillette welcomed as he returned home from a guilt-stricken voyage to America. Desperate to start his life fresh, he is haunted by the images of those he left behind; his friends he couldn’t bring himself to face, and his twin sister who was lost due to his inability to permanently bring her back from death.

However, when he saw a man create a blizzard in the middle of summer, he knew it was time to push the past away and begin to fight for the future. Joined by his loyal companions; a master magician named Elizabeth Sterling, a military spy-hunter specializing in illusions, Alexader Truseau, and a woman who has taken a vow to protect the world from darkness, Amelia Helstrom-Petri.

Together the four of them must stop the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, prevent the Harlot Queen of Babylon from feeding the army of hell, and defeat the Light Bringer himself; Lucifer. Failure is not an option, as the fate of not just London, but the whole world rests on their success.

Kelly Stanaway is giving away 5 FREE copies of "The Light Rises". Please make sure you follow the directions so you don't miss out on getting your FREE copy of "The Light Rises" by Kelly Stanaway. Remember, there are only 5 copies to be handed out! The following will explain how we will determine who gets a FREE copy:

The first five people to read "Uncrossed Paths" by Kelly Stanaway and leave a review on Smashwords (here) will get a FREE copy of "The Light Rises".

After you leave your review on Smashwords (here) come back to this post and leave a comment telling me that you left your review and the date you left it, with the user name that you used so I can find it.

Make sure you leave the email address that you would like to have your coupon code for "The Light Rises", in the comment. When you leave your email address please do it like this: pinkyspub(at)yahoo(dot)com. Providing your email address like this will prevent web bots from grabbing your email address for spam.

Kelly Stanaway also has a blog (click here) you can check out and wish her a "Happy Birthday"! Or if you would like to send her a "Happy Birthday" wish through Facebook you can find her here. You can also Tweet at her on Twitter, (click here), not sure if I said that right, but you get the idea.

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