Sunday, September 25, 2011

Nature of the Beast by Jodi Langston

Today I have a Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller for you, doesn't that sound exciting! "Nature of the Beast" by Jodi Langston is based on a Homicide Cop who's life seems to get turned upside down. Let's have a look!

"Nature of the Beast" by Jodi Langston

Cover for 'Nature of the Beast'When the doors open at the Star Light Casino, a serial killer turns it into his hunting ground. The challenge of two unsolved murders and a chance at a fresh start prompts maverick cop Nick Dempsey, to leave L. A. and his actress girlfriend Kathy Tyler behind. This lone wolf must learn to be a team player when he takes the job of sheriff.

After a one night stand with her ex-husband, Kathy follows Nick to Minnesota. Tempers flare when Kathy arrives in Brody to find Nick has taken a new lover, Angie Reynolds, a beauty nearly half his age. Fearing for Kathy safety Nick moves her into his house. Kathy finds herself a new playmate in Nick's Deputy Ben. Nick and Kathy struggle with their strained relationship as they both date other people.

As Brody celebrates Heritage Days, Nick has his hands full with a town full tourists, a serial killer and two angry girlfriends. Victim number three is found alive but lapses into a coma before she can identify her attacker. Deputy Russ Thompson conceals a clue from the crime scene, then struggles with his decision to remain silent about what he found.

A violent storm descends on Brody putting everyone's nerves on edge. When both women he cares about turn up missing, Nick must use all his skills to figure out who the killer is before one of his women becomes the next victim.

Wow, right? This seems like the type of book you don't put down. Right now you can get "Nature of the Beast" by Jodi Langston for only 99¢. Jodi Langston was very kind in providing us with a coupon code, (ZU37T), to use at Smashwords for 50% off! So you can get this fantastic Romance, Suspense, Mystery, Thriller for only 99¢ at Smashwords, (click here).


That's not all Jodi Langston has going on, she has another great book "Always". This one is a Romance/Suspense story and looks like another one that won't be set down. Let's have a look at "Always" by Jodi Langston.

"Always" by Jodi Langston

Cover for 'Always'Writer, Alexandra Martinson, woke from a coma ten years ago not remembering Detective Rick Ryan and the love they shared. Rick, her faithful friend and savior has waited patiently for her memory to return. As he readies himself to tell her how he feels, fate throws another obstacle in his path.

A Hollywood producer asks Alex to rewrite the script based on her novel and she reluctantly agrees. Alex has kept her heart and soul locked safely away until she's swept off her feet by the incredible hunk, Thane Hunter. The womanizing former child star is drawn to the shy writer with the painful past. They share an afternoon of passion in the Vermont woods as a storm and danger rages around them.

After ten years in prison, her ex-husband, Chris, is paroled and goes in search of revenge. No one is safe as those she cares about get caught up in the tempest of violence surrounding her.

Rick makes a stunning revelation to Alex, making her wonder if all he’s done for her has been out friendship or love.

When Alex is kidnapped, Rick and Thane must put aside their differences as they race to save her. Both men care about her, but only one man will do whatever it takes to make sure she survives. When the smoke clears will Alex choose Rick, or will the hot and handsome Thane Hunter steal her heart?

Well, there ya have it, another one that's going to keep you on the edge of your seat. You can get "Always" by Jodi Langston at Smashwords, (click here), too and it's only $1.99. So go check out Alex and her disruptive life and don't forget to leave a review after you have finished the story.


Jodi Langston also has a blog site (click here) where you can see what she is up to next and she has a poetry corner, and recipes, gift cards, her beautiful gallery and more, go take a peek. You can also visit Jodi Langston on Facebook, (click here), and find her on Twitter (click here).

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